12 thoughts on “Etonitazepyne

  1. Need delivery Etonitazepyne in the USA. I will be a regular buyer, ready to start with 1 kg. Contact me my friend. Thank.

  2. Is delivery to Canada possible? I need a sample of etonitazepyne 10 g, if the purity is at a height, then I will immediately take a few kg. Please give me an answer within 24 hours.

  3. Is your shop still up and running? It seems like you haven’t updated anything in months or responded to a bunch of people’s questions. How do I know you’re legit? I’d really like to order from you consistently but I’d like to buy a smaller sample first. Is that possible?

  4. Hey, are you still ACTIVE or not?! Want to make an order!
    Please Email me ASAP: interested in Custom Synthesis as well as a few RC’s listed.

  5. Hi, do you ship Etonitazepyne to USA? Looking to purchase $250 immediately if it’s legal and possible. Thx

  6. Hi, your site says you have 14-ethoxymetopon in stock, is that correct? And will you be restocking 14-methoxymetopon?

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