7 thoughts on “3-Iodophenmetrazine (3-IPM)

  1. Can you send a combined order of 1-2 g samples?
    I would like to buy
    1 g 3-iodophenmetrazine,
    1 g 3F-PiHP,
    2 g mxipr,
    1 g bromonordiazepam.
    I will be grateful for your answer.

  2. I would like to inquire about purchasing a qty of this product. Such as 10 g perhaps. Shipped to US. Please email me more information. Also,do you take Ethereum?

  3. I would like to buy and try your 3-iodophenmetrazine, how good is it? I know it’s a new stimulant and I don’t know how it works. I will order 100g of 2-MMC today, but would like to get some 3-iodophenmetrazine as a sample. Is that possible?

  4. I would like to get samples of 3-iodophenmetrazine before big purchase. Is it possible?

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