10 thoughts on “RTI-111 (Dichloropane)

  1. I want to start with 10 grams, I filled out the form, I’m waiting for an answer

  2. Hi,
    I want to order 10 grams, is rti-111 in stock?
    Where is the delivery from?

  3. Will this product go through customs in the USA? Ready to order for $ 500, how much will it be in grams?

  4. nice, we can go further, I’m ready to buy 1 kg, I will pay in two installments. Are you able to accept such conditions?
    Looking forward to your decision, best regards Edmond T

  5. hi, is RTI-111 or troparil available? I am a big buyer, contact me, I want to buy some of your products

  6. Hi, What other cocaine substitutes do you have? I will take a few samples for testing and if I like one of them, I will buy constantly. I will cover all shipping costs and 5-10 grams samples. Btc payment, hope for your early reply.

  7. Hello. I want to order 50-100 grams. Are you still delivered by the EU RTI-111 (Dichloropane)? Thank You! Have a good day.

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