16 thoughts on “ADB-Butinaca, ADBB

  1. Hello my friend. Do you send noids from the EU? I would buy 5 kg in a week, but for now I want to know where the delivery comes from and what delivery methods.

  2. Hej.
    Tror dy det.syns.på.drogrester?
    Lämnar någon gång per år.för mitt.körkort.

  3. You have a good assortment, but many substances are not available as I see. What strong cannabinoids do you have available? I need a reliable supplier, 500-1000 g to start.

  4. ADB-Butinaca in stock? What strong cannabinoids are available? Where do you deliver from? Success rate? I am in North America and I can buy 5-10 kg a week from you.

  5. CAS Number 2682867-55-4
    PubChem CID 155907792
    ChemSpider 81407832

    I am looking for this product for research application. 3kg pet month.
    Pleaee contact me for quotation. We can do either ex works or by DHL

  6. Hello
    I need this products but I don’t know where to right to you on email
    Please reply me on email
    I need shipment by DHL
    Am a big buyer but need to order samples to be sure of the products

  7. î’Spike To test with 1 gr is it possible ?
    what’s the price of shipping in france

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