15 thoughts on “Etonitazepipne

  1. I am interested in all benzimidazole opioids that you have in stock, I will buy samples of 5-10 grams. Send me a list and your bitcoin address.

  2. I just want to discuss the delivery and purity of the product and am ready to place an order. Contact me.

  3. I want to offer you a partnership, I have a web store selling rc, but we are in great need of good opioids, like etonitazepipne. Please contact us, we have sent you our offer, we would like to hear your answer.
    Thank you, with respect from Zhess

  4. Why is the package delivery taking so long? You promised me that we will put in 2 weeks. How soon will I get my package?

    1. It does not depend on us how the delivery service works. We have provided you with the track code and you can watch your package yourself.Please wait, you will receive your parcel soon. Please write to my email address for these questions, and not in the comments. Thanks.

  5. Can you deliver 1 kg of etonitazepipne and a small sample of rilmazafone to Canada? I will be glad to hear from you.


  6. I was told that you deliver to my country etonitazepipne gave a link to your website and email. but you haven’t answered me yet. contact me, I will definitely order from you and I want to discuss with you your wishes on the delivery method. thanks.

  7. Do you have etonitazepipne in stock? I have large buyers of benzimidazole opioids in the EU and North America. I want to cooperate with you and today we are ready to buy from you right now if we get a positive response.
    Thank you for your time.

  8. Etonitazepipne or isotonitazene available? I am in urgent need of a strong opioid supplier. I heard that you can supply stealth to North America. If so, contact me. I can order regularly, and I want to test 2-3 of your strongest opioids from 100 g each and in the future purchases will be from 1 kg.

  9. You have a great choice, but do you have any free samples? I really want to try your rc and I will buy from you in the future. I especially want to try etonitazepipne and dipyanone. If others are possible, then send me others samples. If it is possible? I hope you will answer me friend.

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