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  1. Hello, My name is Matthew I live in Melbourne, Australia & I am very much interested in acquiring a small amount of Etodesnitazene/Etazene for my own Research & Development, I am looking for a Company with whom I can scale up with, having 1st established trust. I have have expertise in a number of scientific fields, Forgive me I am getting ahead of myself, I’m making small purchases with a number of companies in a number of sectors, my plan being – is that some of these companies are number 1 legitimate & number 2 professional/Highly skilled & number 3 ethical in their their conduct, If I place an order with your company, a small order & said product actually gets to my mailbox here in Melbourne, Australia from there It’s my intention to not just scale up in terms of quantity but also in terms of diversity as far as new & emerging Research Chemicals go ~ for instance ~ Nootropic’s or perhaps what could more accurately be described as Cognitive Augmenters ~ Racetam’s [Piracetam analogues] a la ~ Aniracetam, PhenylPiracetam e.t.c cA.M.P.A-kines, semi synthetic cleaved small chain Peptides ~ “Dihexa” & other Angiotensin 4 derived Peptides, rDNA Dirived peptides. Can you please send me an Email outlining, shipping details – tracking options , available payment methods, escrow services? All prices in Australian Dollars please do you have experience shipping into Melbourne, Australia?Do you anticipate any issues? Which has just come out of an extented lockdown due to CoVid 19 things seem to be getting back to normal here, I hope where you live a normality has returned, I can be contacted via Email ~ ..@.. also feel free to phone me I will give you one of my personal phone numbers .. feel fee to call myself anytime. Thankyou & I look forward to hearing from you. Peace. M

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