7 thoughts on “N-desethyl Isotonitazene

  1. How good is it and what is its strength compared to isotonitazene? I want to order, but I am choosing from several products, but I need a strong opioid.

  2. Are you already shipping n-desethyl-isotonitazene? Can you send 5-10 grams of n-desethyl-isotonitazene? I have shipping conditions and therefore initially I would like to clarify if you can send me a package with my conditions? This concerns packaging. Answer me as best you can.

  3. N-desethyl-isotonitazene has sent you an order for 10 grams for the test, if the product is active, then I will order a lot more. You have not provided me with payment information, I am still waiting for a response from you.
    Thank you.

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