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  1. Hello, this product is interesting, please contact me as soon as possible, thanks.

  2. I’m a bussiness man from a rich state called Alaska a gram of herion is 250 a fentanyl patch 100 oxy eighty a hundred unless ops then it 50 cents a mill gram I grow up in methadone clinic I know all the right people in Alaska all resedentce got 1600 just for liven her so it’s the Alaska pfd I started methadone clinic at 19 tell 33.my dad Owens Earth pulse press so I’d like to sample a few products id like a opoid conversation to 14c-cinnamoyloxycodeinone an 4-anpp also currious about the fentanyl substitute an the price on sythisis of fentanyl d3 or some thing half as strong your friend from the north Mr. Forrest begich slade

  3. I would like to know payment methods you can accept. This is in regards to 14-cinnamoyloxycodeinone. I am VERY interested in a 10 gram amount of it, if its good I’ll be your new #1 customer.

  4. interested in an analogue of methadone. Do you have methadone or 14-Cinnamoyloxycodeinone in stock? How can I get 14-Cinnamoyloxycodeinone or methadone? How can I pay?


  5. I am interested in purchasing this compound for my lab. I am not 100% clean but curious about this and stuff on tgd. Does it show up on any testing? Also, will I be better off ordering on TGD or here? I am well known on discord and reddit. If you can get Wire messenger preferably or at worst wickerme(sadly feds catching on so legit places are hard to come by. What does my banks Visa debit card show when ordering from here? Also, is priority shipping an option?

    Thanks so much and hope to hear back. Been around doing lab work on RCs on and off since 2007/2008. So happy to be back in my lab.

    Looking forward to a reply and hopefully an opportunity to bring this into my lab and store it till I’m ready to work with it which honestly will be pretty fast. If you have wickrme or better yet Wire messenger my username on both is TheDudeAbides86.

    Hope you are able to help me. The $220 option is most intriguing for me and my lab and research tests.

    For safety as I have had to work with some bad eggs, I have everything I order sent to a PO BOX for safety and yo stay as secure as possible. I will give you my full shipping address, once I get an email reply from you. I wish all of the creators of this site, aka you and yours positivity and I pray ? for all of you that no one gets the coronavirus as its sadly ravaging people all over the world.

    Be well, stay healthy, and keep helping people with chems indirectly as I personally feel that until a vax is created we are going to be dropping as well as theres a chance it’s doing some sort of mutation to stay around as long as possible.

    Keep learning new things, and dont be ashamed for helping yourself especially when the medical profession will do VERY LITTLE. I hope everyone is atleast wearing a mask if not gloves as well. Both in the chem lab area as well as when going to the BR and Outside.

    Look forward for a reply in regards to an order. I would be placing my 200+ order plus shipping via my visa debit card on may 3rd. Looking forward to working with you and running tests on this very interesting and intriguing compound.

  6. Hi, do I have 14-Cinnamoyloxycodeinone in stock? I can’t find this opioid anywhere, really want to try, thanks

    1. Not available, there are alternatives, the list and price sent by e-mail specified in the comment

  7. Hey can u tell me when it is in Stock again?
    I am looking for opioids for my Research. They Schlumpf be at least 2-3 times stronger than morphine. Please send me an email with informations.

    I am also interested in things like 4-fc, rti-111.

    I will wait for your answer.

  8. Hello, I want to know if this product is in stock or when it will be back in stock, also if you have something which is like that? Perhaps one with not this high potency but a relatively long duration I am searching for. Also I want to know from which country you can sent the products?!
    Kind regards

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