18 thoughts on “2-methyl-ap-237

  1. I want to try, first I want to order 10 grams, I’m waiting for an answer, thanks

  2. I think I’ll start with 10 grams, I sent the recipient address, I’m waiting for an answer, thanks

  3. Hello I’m looking to purchase 10grams of 22-Methyl-AP-237 from you. Do you accept zelle payment or PayPal friends and family? Thanks

  4. How much for 100g.

    Also I have a bad batch what’s the easiest way to wash/recrystalize the final product.

    What are it’s s ok solubilitys?

    Is it polar on non polar

  5. This is longer than I wanted. I want to order more than usual. But I plan to pay in parts, I wrote to you and have been waiting for an hour from you for a decision. contact me to discuss the details.

  6. I am looking for a supplier of 2-Methyl-AP-237 in the USA. Regular purchases, I pay xmr, btc. If it is possible, please write to me, I will be glad to start our business relationship.

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