12 thoughts on “5BR-ADB Butinaca

  1. Hi, good afternoon.

    I have a question, I would like to buy 1kg, how is the exactly price?
    And I work in many city’s of France I would like to know if you have a físic store to take it ?!


  2. Looking for the strongest cannabinoid. Is 5BR-ADB Butinaca as good as ADB Butinaca? If so, I’ll buy at least a kilo. Does it ship from China or do you have warehouses in the EU? Thank you very much.

  3. How good is he? Who knows? Do you ship your products to Germany? What about the packaging and what is the success of customs clearance?

  4. how can i contact an admin? brothers help me.. I can’t find a good supplier.. please help me too

  5. Please contact me to arrange a business arrangement id like to start with you to find the best cannabnoid possibly available to me and il be buying kilos when we find the correct one

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