35 thoughts on “Etazene, Desnitroetonitazene

  1. Can I have a 1gram sample I will pay for the cost, just want to test it before I order

  2. Hi, I sent an application for the purchase of etazene, but did not receive any information by e-mail, 30 minutes have already passed. Where to pay?

  3. Etazene if something that I am interested in researching to try. I was wondering if I could buy like half a gram or 1 g kind of sample and pay the shipping and price that you deem appropriate just to try it out before buying higher quantities. No disrespect or anything just trying to be safe and see if everything’s legit. Please get back to me if if you can, thank you very much.

  4. Good support. Great job, thanks for the help. We will cooperate with you.

  5. Can you deliver Etazene to the US? I’m interested in wholesale supplies. I am ready to pay monero, bitcoin or any other convenient way for you. Waiting for an answer, my friend.
    With respect, Jacob

  6. Etazene available? I am interested in benzimidazole opioids. I would like to receive several samples of 1-5 grams, for which I will certainly pay and I am also ready to pay for transportation costs. Answer me, we are waiting for a good cooperation.

  7. I know that you are engaged in deliveries to North America. I buy several kilos a month of etazene or isotonitazene or metonitazene on a regular basis. Contact me, I want to buy from you.

  8. Hello I would like to buy, am very interested in getting a reasonable supply.

    Please send me a feedback! Thanks a lot!

    Greetings from Germany


  9. Etazene available? My supplier no longer supplies, I was told that you are a reliable vendor and you can deliver stealth. Let me know what is required of me so that I can buy as soon as possible. To begin with, I will buy 10 grams of etazene from you for the test. If the quality satisfies me, I am ready to buy a few kilos a week. I’m waiting to hear from you, my friend.

  10. Hi Im intersted in 10 grams etazene to Czech Republic depeding on how the payment and delievery system work, else 5 grams possible for test?

    I can pay LiteCoin, PayPal, CreditCard Mastercard idk what else.

    You ship work and produce then ship these new cchemics from Europe and not China.Because china banned all crypto transactions, trades, mines.

    Whats the shipping options? Can it be delievered by DPD? Or whats shipping form. Thanks


  11. Is Etazene or Isotonitazene available? If so, how soon can you ship the package to NY? Thanks

  12. I would like to make a order please contact me about a sample purchase first to see what I’m getting then I will need a steady supply

  13. I was advised you as a legit supplier. Do you supply etazene, metonitazene? Answer me on my e-mail, I will immediately answer you and name the volumes and my country.

  14. How much will 500 g of etazene cost? I read the rules of your website and it says that if I pay for bitcoin, you make a 3% discount, as well as with the second order, you make a 5% discount? Right? Do I get these discounts?

  15. Do you still supply? I need an etazene supplier, since the previous one let me down and the quality of his goods is just terrible for the last batches. If you can provide me with pure etazene I can become your regular customer. I need a product for a sample of 50-100 g, I will pay today if you can send it to me as soon as possible, in the coming days. Contact me and send me your btc or xmr address. Thanks for attention.

  16. Do you still supply opioids? Etazene in stock? I have sent you my shipping addresses, please reply to me at …@… . org

  17. My lab is interested in obtaining a sample before placing a larger order.
    Would you ship approximately 100-200mg?

  18. Hi looking for Etazene or Isotonitazene. Wondering if you are still shipping to the US? Is there a 5G minimum order? Thanks

  19. Today you promised to send me the track code order # 00263. I haven’t received anything yet. How soon will you answer me?

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