20 thoughts on “Metonitazepyne

  1. Are you still shipping your products to the USA? We urgently need some of your products. You were recommended to me. If possible, give me some answer during the day, I will be very grateful.

  2. Please send a price list for opioids that you can ship to North America. I will be very grateful to you and I am determined to continue doing business with you.

    Have a nice day. Thanks.

  3. Hello… what shipping carrier is recommended for shipping to the states? What shipping carrier comes with +$250 orders? A list of the opioids you have in stock that ship to USA would be greatly appreciated. Also do you sell tadalafil? Big market for quality products.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
    Best regards

  4. I would like to try your products. Do you send small samples? I can write a review on you on reddit and bring new customers. Answer me.

  5. Hello. My order is 00153, you promised me to provide the track code today. I am waiting for an update from you.
    Thank you.

  6. Ich habe eine Bestellung von 00193 bei Ihnen aufgegeben, konnte sie aber nicht bezahlen. Können Sie mir die Zahlungsinformationen zur Verfügung stellen oder muss ich eine neue Anfrage erstellen?

  7. How soon will you be able to deliver metonitazepyne to Canada? Do you have overnight delivery?

  8. My questions:
    Where do you ship metonitazepynefrom?
    How long does the package take to reach France?
    Do you insure packages?
    Do you re-ship if the package gets lost?
    Thank you.

  9. Hi,
    Do you deliver free samples?
    I can only order 2.5 grams of metonitazepyne, I don’t have enough money for 5 grams. I have $90 in my wallet.
    I’ll order more in a week. Answer me.

  10. Hello I’d like to place an order of a few diff chems but under the listed amounts. please respond with an email so we can get something going. I’d appreciate it tons, looking forward to doing business in the future.

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