2 thoughts on “Norflurazepam (N-Desalkylflurazepam)

  1. I noticed a couple of scam reports about
    Usually,I would 100% believe them, but when I talked to your sales manager, I didn’t feel pressured into buying something, like it is often the case with scammers.

    It is said that you are a delivery scam, first one needs to pay, then one needs to pay even more for shipping, and in the end you send no goods at all.

    Now if you are a bunch of scammers, we are done here. Goodbye.

    However, if you are reliable business, I would offer you to write an article, a shop review with photos maybe published even in two languages (can’t promise this right now), but at least the English one I can promise.

    This would be the deal:

    You send me 3 samples each 2-3 grams for free. If you send me a Benzodiazepine, 1 gram of it is sufficient.
    Shipping must be done from Romania or China via a fast courier service. EMS from China takes currently 6 weeks, and is not an option. A parcel from India won’t make it through local customs, unfortunately.
    I live in the European Union, we will simply ship to my home address.
    I take pictures, introduce your shop and describe the product quality in an article. This will take me a whole day. Plus maybe 4 hours for a translated version on a different blog.
    The article will be published on моем сайте. The website started two months ago, has only 12 articles so far and yet we are already heading 1,000 visitors this months. 90% of users come via Google and stay 6 minutes on the website. There is no other website like моем сайте available on the net. The website should help customers from getting scammed by providing links to reliable shops and writing shop reviews for proof.
    I don’t take money, but if you are happy with the work, you may donate 10 or 20 USD dollar to support us with costs for software and web hosting.
    Once the parcel arrived, I will send you 50% or 100% – it’s your choice – of the 40 USD shipping costs for e.g. UPS in Bitcoins.
    The article will stay online for years, this is no temporary advertisement.
    Possible samples you could send: 3-MeO-PCE, BOH-2C-B, 4-FPD, NEP, a-PCYP, Isopropylphenidate, RTI-111, MFPVP, O-DSMT, Bromazolam, Flunitrazolam or
    Norflurazepam. With your other products I could not tell if they were of good quality, I hope this is not a problem.
    We will do a short interview, maybe via WhatsApp, I will ask you about your business, so that I have something to write for the article.
    You get to see the article and we can do corrections, then we publish it.

    If I should later find out that you are selective scammers, I will delete both the link to your shop and the article.
    I need to be able to trust you with this.

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