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  1. Just my thoughts about Spice, the first one of a kind branded cannabinoid blend.

    One of the first very popular brands.
    Was so called Spice.
    There were several products from the same manufacturer, the most powerful and famous, was called
    Spice Gold.
    There were 1g and 3g bags available,
    There was also silver, arctic, diamond – those were all crappy, compared to the OG”Spice Gold”

    With very catchi designs.

    They sold many million bags and were the very first that hit the market,
    especially here in Germany I saw it as one of the first to be a one of a kind product and starteted a Spiceshop..

    The product was sold nearly everywhere,
    in Headshops and every “alternative” shop,
    Even where afroshops, herbal and shishashops, also tobaccoahops.. It was sold everywhere till the first ban.. It was the spice “Goldrush”..
    Then, Nearly till now it’s sold or was sold under the table, to customers that know where to go, what to ask or just logically longterm supplied buyersand their friends..

    Best regards

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